Framed Penguin in the Woods Print by Local Artist

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Gorgeous Penguin print from original work,  framed in black with a white framed board are such a lovely gift and would take pride of place in any home.


Width:    250mm 

Height:   250mm


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Raph Thomas is a young artist and illustrator based in South-West London.  Raph studied Art in Kingston before completing a degree in Ancient History, a subject that has influenced the character of many of his works. He considers himself a painter first, but works in a variety of different media including spray-paint, charcoal and even tip-ex to create colourful, whimsical and often darkly humorous works. 

Raph's figurative works are often painted from photographs. His Bird series, which is ongoing, is inspired by travels in the tropics and an interest in natural history; he employs bright colours and portrait-like compositions to capture the vivacity of nature. His abstract works show a distinct concern for the interplay of textures, colours and forms. 

Raph's illustrative work is greatly influenced by the works of the Surrealists, including Salvador Dali (the first artist to draw him to art) and particularly Giorgio de Chirico, whose Classical references and metaphysical landscapes have had a particular impact. His illustrations often make use of complex, layered compositions.



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