Collectors Cabinet - by Authentic Models

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In the 16th C. you wouldn't be considered cultured if collecting wasn't part of your world. Too many new discoveries, treasures, finds of any kind popped up daily. Collecting was de rigueur!

And Collectors need drawers. To store, categorize. To inspect, admire, to gloat... And collectors with taste would want a cabinet of elegant proportions, an infinite number of drawers, beckoning to be pulled out and celebrated. Above all a cabinet that is easily transportable, a real Collector collects on weekends, on vacations.... And a cabinet, when multiplied, can fill a wall as if it's one whole. Such are Collector’s demands!

*Note - choose from drawers or doors at bottom of cabinet - plese email us with preference.


Height:         1450mm 

Width:             555mm 

Depth:            355mm 


Delivery Included within UK (up to £90)

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