Indoor/Outdoor Reversible Rug Arabian Nights Black / white

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Whether you love to relax by the pool, sunbathe on the beach or simply need a rug for the kitchen that is easy to clean, our eco-friendly rugs will fit the bill perfectly. Made from recycled plastic straws, these rugs are water-resistant so you can use them indoors and outside. They are so versatile! They are lightweight and easy to carry, making them perfect for picnics; and sun worshippers needn't worry as they are UV protected so they won't fade in the sun. If they are sandy from the beach, or covered in dirty footprints in a hallway, these rugs are so much easier to clean than conventional rugs, simply wipe them and they're as good as new. Comfortable to relax on, yet tough enough for high traffic areas of the home, there are so many uses for a Green Decore rug. Available in a range of sizes and designs to suit all tastes.
Easy to clean – Resistant to moisture and can simply be wiped clean. , Made from recycled plastic
Lightweight – Easy to carry, perfect for picnics or the beach

Versatile – So many uses, indoors and outdoors , Reversible - Change the look of your décor
UV Protected – The vibrant colours will not fade in the sun.
Can be wiped with a wet or dry cloth or simply hosed off , mild soap can be used

Delivery Included within UK
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